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Where do I start when making a shirt?
Step One:
Choose a LIGHT or DARK shirt. This option determines if your print will use WHITE ink or need an underbase. LIGHT shirt do not print WHITE and the color of the shirt comes through the design. This gives it a nice vintage look and very poplular and inexpensive. If you choose the DARK shirt then your design will have the white underbase and the design will really pop, but it is more expensive.
Step Two:
Upload your design. You can add text or add a border or soften the edges of your picture. Just look under Advanced for more options. It's important to save your layout so that you can add your design to multiple shirt styles and sizes.
Step Three:
Add the sizes necessary to your cart.
What if I don't have artwork?
If you are printing over 10 tees, then all artwork is free of charge. If you'd like only text on your shirt, we will create it free of charge. If you need a logo or graphic put into the design, then there will be fees (see pricechart).(Top)
How can I best design my artwork for Digitial Print?
Our digital printer uses RGB artwork to print direct to garments. The artwork should be of highest (150-300 dpi at size) quality, though we can print lower but the image may not look good. When putting an image on darks what you want to print in white should be R:254 G:254 B:254 as the default 255 is a mask and will not print at all. (We double check this and will change it for you if you need us to). Please contact with any questions about designing your own artwork. (Top)
What if I am unable to pick up my shirts during your business hours?
We are open Monday thru Friday. We open at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm. If you cannot make it in time to pick up your shirts, please send someone who is able to or you will have to wait until the next business day. (Top)
When will my shirts be ready for pick-up? Will I get a phone call?
Your shirts will be ready at 4:00pm on the day they are due. You will receive an email upon completion. If you are unsure if your shirts are ready, please feel free to call us. If you do not pick up your garments within 6 months of the date you placed your order they will be donated. We do not have room to store your shirts you neglected to pick up. (Top)
What is your return/cancellation policy?
If we screw it up, we will replace the item until you are happy. There are no cancellations allowed within 24 hours of your order. If we have already ordered your garments you will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. There will be no refunds or replacements given if you sign a waiver when you bring in your own garments. If you provide your artwork you are responsible for color matching. (Top)
Where are you located?
We are located in Bakersfield at the corner of Brundage/Myrtle. Our nearest main intersection is Oak/Brundage lane. We are located 3 blocks east of Oak Street. (Top)
What are your washing instructions?
All shirts will have press marks once dried. We recommend washing them once to release the press marks or any pretreatment. If the marks to do not come out we will replace your items. (Top)
What kind of printing do you use?
We use DTG printers which print full color ink directly into your shirt. The ink becomes the shirt and will never crack or disappear. See our pricing page for a better understanding of DTG printing. (Top)